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The Government is keeping the arrival of a NATO base to the border a secret

17.5.2007 12:41:00 | Autor/Izvor PressCutCroatia, Slovenia, border, military base, army, NATO

By 2010, the military airport base in Cerklje ob Krki, used by Slovenian Armed forces, is to be given to the NATO for their use. The base is actually located only a few miles of the border between Slovenia and Croatia and the local inhabitants and environmentalists from both sides of the border are expressing their concerns.

The base could cause both economic and environmental damage, experts say. The noise level in Žumberak and Samobor regions will increase, the organic agriculture, and the tourism linked with it, in Žumberak might be endangered too. Croatian citizens fear that only their Slovenian neighbors will receive a compensation for that since Croatia is not a member of the NATO yet, even though its air territory will be used for the NATO planes.
(Novi list)

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