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Steyr gives up on a part of the tender

12.7.2007 10:07:00 | Autor/Izvor PressCutCroatia, Patria, Steyr, army, armored vehicle, tender

Finnish Patria and Austrian Steyr presented their armored vehicles at the Djuro Djakovic factory’s testing ground in Slavonski Brod. The Croatian Government is supposed to choose the provider of 126 armored vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces by the end of the year.

The Austrian company did not bring its 6x6 vehicle for testing, thus disqualifying itself from this part of the tender. Instead, they brought two 8x8 vehicles Pandur II and Piranha III, the latter produced by Swiss Movag.

Steyr sales director Nikolaus Weihs did not want to comment on giving up from the 6x6 vehicle, but confirmed the company had decided Piranha and Pandur 8x8 were a better choice for Croatia. Patria’s regional sales director Reiyo Niittynen only stressed his company had met all the requirements from the tender documentation. He hopes the Government will select the provider soon.
(Jutarnji list, Vecernji list)

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