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Toms to be closed down by early December

8.11.2007 14:34:00 | Autor/Izvor PressCutslovenia, tomos, layoffs, tomos invest, toms

The Toms factory has already started laying off its employees: Tomos Invest (formerly: Tomos) will close down Toms, which it founded in early 2007, by early December.

The main reason for the liquidation is the cancellation of the service contract with the Tomos Invest subsidiary Tomos Proizvodnja, which was the factory's major buyer, said head of Toms Dragan Grgic.

Grgic added that Toms' activities are no longer competitive in Slovenia because production facilities are starting to move to India and China. The hundred-odd employees of Toms will be re-hired by different companies within the Hidria corporation, owner of Tomos Invest, and will receive 20-percent higher severance fee.

Tomos Group consists of four companies - Tomos proizvodnja d.o.o., Toms d.o.o. and Tomos komponente d.o.o. and Tomos Invest d.o.o., which is also the sole owner of the former three companies. Each of the four companies has their own business, working both for external and internal buyers (within the Tomos Group). The maintenance company Toms d.o.o. will be closed down at the end of the year, but this will have no effect on other companies in the Group. Tomos proizvodnja d.o.o. will, thus, continue to operate in line with its strategy.
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