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'Sajamski globus' awards presented

26.3.2008 12:49:00 | Autor/Izvor PressCutmacedonia, furniture, trade fair, sajamski globus

The traditional awards 'Sajamski globus' were presented within the framework of the 34th International Furniture Fair held in Skopje. The awards are presented for modern design, quality craftsmanship, practicality, originality, inventiveness and aesthetic achievement in all furniture categories.

When it comes to production the awards went to Akron, Zonaimpex, Faros, 11 Septemvri from Strumica, Karat M, Mebel (Furniture) Nikov, Stolicara Ace, Molika from Tetovo, Lesnina MI, DSC Dizajn, Ambijenti plus and Interexport from Strumica. When it comes to sales outlets the companies SDI Art Dizajn, Doma mebel, Gorenje, Belskom, Jugoexport Stil, Simak Simpo, Office & Co., Stil com from Skopje and Studio TT received awards.

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