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Congratulations to Tadic over Karadzic’s Capture

21.7.2008 23:00:00 | Autor/Izvor www.javno.comkaradzic, tzadic, arrest, Serbia

Milorad Pupovac, representative of the Serb national minority in Croatia, said that the arrest of Radovan Karadzic after a 13-year search, marks a victory for justice and the punishment of those who committed crimes through such policy and action used by Radovan Karadzic.

"This is a matter of fulfilment of justice, of peach making and of opening space to a new polity, including Europe’s policy, but also a new policy among the peoples in Bosnia and the people in the area of Yugoslavia", said Pupovac. He then wanted to congratulate Serbian President Tadic and his collaborators over Karadzic’s capture.

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